Leafs Nation Manifesto


Leafs Nation Manifesto-page-001

We proudly wear the jersey.

We like our hockey the way it is meant to be played.




We love big goals and bigger saves.

Slick moves and hard hits.

Wingers who fly and grinders that deliver.

Goaltending is God.

Don Cherry is the Godfather.


If you are from Toronto, you either love or hate the Leafs.

There is no such thing as a Red Wings fan (or fan of any other NHL team) from Toronto.

Like the boys on the ice, we don’t let anyone push us around.

Don’t let them tell you who you are.


Carry the flag.

Stand together with our brothers and sisters.

Protect the house.

Infiltrate enemy territory.

Celebrate success.

Battle through adversity.

Stay until the final buzzer.

Never give up!


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