The Only Sure Sign of Spring: Baseball



It has been a tough winter for those living in the North Eastern portions of Canada and the United States. We have experienced snow squalls, freezing rain, and bone-chilling temperatures since the start of December.

So the opening of baseball training camps for pitchers and catchers this past week is a sight for sore eyes for those who are eager to see the end of winter. It is really the only sure sign of spring. Nothing makes people look forward to summer than hearing the crack of the bat or a 95-mile-an-hour fastball hitting the leather of a mitt. Hundreds of players in Florida and Arizona are preparing for what we hope to be a long hot summer.

Make no mistake, Canada is a hockey nation. But while we like to talk hockey until the cows come home, it is frankly not enough to ignore the winter weather associated with the sport. This is why we are so enamoured with “America’s pastime”. We associate baseball with sunshine and warm temperatures with the occasional rain and thunderstorm.

Fear not folks, pretty soon we will be trading in our parkas and boots for shorts and t-shirts. So while we continue to dig out of the snow, we can anticipate better weather ahead. That is what baseball does.

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