Is the Media Cheering for a Blue Jays Demise?



There is someone I know in the media circles who was hoping the Blue Jays will do terribly in 2016. The basis for his statement is the installment of Mark Shapiro as Team President and later on Ross Clark as General Manager. He believed the two would tear down the work of Paul Beeston and Alex Anthopoulos and start over from scratch. Plus he is worried that the Blue Jays would become “Americanized” whatever the hell that means. As ridiculous as his comments are, he is not a lone wolf.

After a slow start to the month of September, the Blue Jays have rebounded during their west coast road trip and have held on to one of the two wild card spots in the American League. While Blue Jays fans are still behind the team, there is a faction who like nothing better to see the team crash to the ground. And it is often the media that is leading the charge. This is not like tanking for the entire season in order to secure the first overall pick, which by the way I still think is a ridiculous way of improving a team. But the media could care less about the Blue Jays. They would rather see a struggling Yankees team than a successful team based in a Canadian city.

Just about every website, newspaper, radio, or television program is hosted by someone who is critical of the Blue Jays. That’s not to say criticism is not welcomed but I would expect them to address hitters who are not driving in runs and a bullpen that can’t hold leads late in the game. I don’t read or hear that coming from the media. When the Blue Jays were winning division titles and world series championships in the early 1990’s, there was so much negative attack on Manager Cito Gaston. Despite being black, Gaston got ridiculed regularly by sports reporters made up of mostly white men. This kind of hate would draw ire by others in the industry. But Gaston must have been a conservative Republican because there was no such resentment towards the media.

There are the usual suspects like Mark Spector and Marty York. To their credit, they don’t hide the fact that they hate Toronto no matter which team it is. To them, Drake and Mike Myers are probably considered persona non grata. Then there’s the rest of Toronto media. They are often left-leaning, and despises competition of any kind: commerce, education, health care, etc. But especially in sports where in their world there is no winners and losers. And don’t get me started on fighting in hockey. To top it off, Canada’s major league baseball team is mostly made up of Americans. Even if all of them plan to vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming US Presidential Election in November, their association with a country that has cops shoot supposedly unarmed black people puts them on the enemies list.

It is rather disgusting to see and hear the Blue Jays continually being put down by these so-called journalists. But as I have mention before a number of times, there are people who blindly accept everything in the media as fact. By the time the truth is revealed, the damage is already done. I don’t expect them to change anytime soon. They think bad news sells but I also believe fans today will not buy it. We will see how the rest of the season goes. Chances are the media won’t like what they see, the Blue Jays making a deep playoff run.

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