Nobody’s Perfect

Nobody's Perfect

Photo: AP

My first post in nearly a month. Got lots to catch up on. I like to think I’m perfect. I strive to achieve perfection every day. But I know that I will never reach it. Everyone has flaws. Some more noticeable than others. Which brings me to Ronda Rousey and her first career defeat at UFC 193.

It may seem surprising to some of you but Rousey was never going to run the table. She eventually was going to lose. The question is when and to who. The when was on Saturday. The who was Holly Holm. There is always someone or some team that has another’s number. And more often than not it is the one that is least likely to do it.

It is interesting that the upset victory comes on the same weekend the New England Patriots squared off against the New York Giants. It was the Giants that won Super Bowl 42 and ended the Patriots’ quest in 2007 to become the first NFL team to go the entire season without a loss since the 1972 Miami Dolphins. If Rousey was Tom Brady, Holm became Eli Manning.

After the loss, there have been quite a number of those on social media who were quick to pile on Rousey. But her performance in the fight should not diminish what she has accomplished. Add to that, Holm is probably pissed off that no one is giving her the credit she deserves. Perfection is great but it is hard to achieve. This is what makes sport great. It is about dealing with failure. And down the road, Rousey will dust herself off and get back to what made her successful.

Let this be a lesson for those who think they were born perfect or those who think everyone is perfect. We do expect a lot from those we look up to. But if you actually think everyone is suppose to be perfect you are no smarter than the Kardashian clan. Nobody’s perfect. Nobody.


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