Maple Leafs Got a Raw Deal


070215 Leafs Got a Raw Deal

Kind of funny that my 81st post is about Phil Kessel. He is now a Pittsburgh Penguin. And many in Leafs Nation couldn’t be more happy to see him go.

The trade isn’t the issue here. I understand what Brendan Shanahan and Mike Babcock wants to do and Kessel is one of a few valuable trade commodities the team has. But what I do have a problem with is who and what we got in return for him. With all due respect to Nick Spaling, Kasperi Kappanan, and Scott Harrington, they don’t amount to the value that Kessel brought. Someone who is a consistent 30-goal scorer ought to bring in more than just 3 players and 2 draft picks. And considering what the team gave up to get him six years ago, the Leafs received little in this trade.

A trade like this would piss off any hockey fan. But judging by the reaction on social media, Leafs fans and media are just glad that he is gone. The fact that they are comfortable with the team getting lowballed is outrageous. Makes you want to throw a Leaf jersey on the ice with the moron wearing a paper bag over his head still in it. Again, fake Leafs fans win the day.

As for Kessel, thanks for the six years in Toronto. You are going to do well with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin in Pittsburgh. It was tough seeing you get treated the way you did while you were a Leaf. But this is Toronto, not Glendale, Arizona. You are never going to get away with anything in this town. Perhaps if you had committed a crime, claimed you had mental health issues, and ended up getting beaten up by a cop as a result, people here would have been more sympathetic. But even that would be stretching it.

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One thought on “Maple Leafs Got a Raw Deal

  1. Anthony

    pretty BS in my opinion. you have to think of the big picture. The point was getting rid of Kessel and starting a rebuild. You weren’t going to get more for him because every GM in the league knew toronto was shopping him. When you’re at the mercy of other GM’s theyre not going to give you a prime package. You have to take what you can get. If they waited longer his value could have kept decreasing because clearly what he was doing in toronto wasn’t working. He’s not a guy who’s ever going to carry a team. He’s a great second or third piece but he’s no sidney crosby. So seeing him score 40 goals on his lonesome was never going to happen. He had to be traded now before the situation possibly got worse. And once again with every team knowing he’s on the market, the leafs just weren’t going to get a whole ton for him.


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