Sid Sexiero Should Succeed Solomon


062915 Sid Sexeiro Should Succeed Solomon

For regular readers of this blog, it comes as no surprise how much I despise activists who call themselves sportscasters. They could care less how well or how bad your team is doing so as long as you remember there are poor black people out there getting beaten up by police. I shouldn’t be singling that group out but they are currently the Flavour of the Month in the progressive circles. There are quite a lot of these people out there: Keith Olbermann, Bob Costas, and Bryant Gumbel just to name few. Here in Canada, there is Sid Sexeiro.

Whenever you see Sexeiro on TV, or hear him on the radio, doesn’t he sound like he is the least bit interested in talking about sports? He certainly likes to be mad as hell about everything, but so does Mel Gibson. Sexeiro’s new TV show with Tim Micallef on Sportsnet will launch on Canada Day. And if you follow the mantra of the Pension Plan Puppets, Sexeiro should be ridiculed for replacing a woman (Hazel Mae) on the supper hour sportscast. But since the two are on the same left side of the political dial, I’m guessing the PPP will bite their tongue on this one.

Sexeiro is part a long list of people in the media who have been put in a prime position on network television and does not, and will not, do what he or she is supposed to do. In this case, talk about sports. But I also believe his level of talent should not go to waste. With Evan Soloman being shown the door at the CBC, who better to take over Power and Politics on state media than Canada’s version of Olbermann? Frankly, Sexeiro will do a better job on CBC than Olbermann did at MSNBC.

This move kills two birds with one stone, we are rid of an annoying talking head on sports television and the peaceniks get someone who can articulate the corruption in the Harper government without the baggage of his predecessor. It is a win-win situation. I believe Power and Politics is where Sexeiro belongs. This is his calling.

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