Where are the Free Speech Advocates Now?


Shauna Hunt TFC

By now a lot of you already know the incident with CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt at the Toronto FC home opener. Everyone had an opinion on the matter. It was a disgusting display of behaviour by these so-called fans and it was all shown on live TV.

But the question I like to ask is: where are all the trolls crying out free speech? Are they all of a sudden hiding under a rock? You would think we would have heard from Larry Flynt on how the men are being unfairly persecuted on social media for telling the reporter to… you know. What’s more, no one seems to be mad as hell that the corporate big wigs at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment have banned the four from all MLSE-owned properties. Talk about turning the other cheek. I wouldn’t be surprised that the ones who claim they are outraged are also ones that belly ache about MLSE being so heavy-handed with punishing unruly fans. Yes, the waffle-throwing Toronto fans are being grouped in with sexist ones whether you like it or not.

I can tell you how this all got started. There is a certain population who feel they can get away with anything. Take the NHL trade deadline coverage on TSN last March where someone tweeted about Joffery Lupul having extra-marital affairs with Dion Phaneuf’s wife. It was despicable for sure but that was being defended as free speech. No different from what these goons did. However, that’s tame when you compare to things like breaking windows, looting stores, and setting police cars on fire. All were done in the name of freedom of expression. If you don’t believe me, just look at the recent incidents in Baltimore and Ferguson. All that were deemed by socially conscious groups and media as acceptable and it all led to last Tuesday outside BMO Field. If you can convince a section to support your cause, why stop at there?

No one thinks about the consequences their actions may cause or how it will end up hurting the ones you care about the most. But apparently no one could care less. They believe their rights have been violated and it is time to start cashing in on the publicity. One other thing. If you put in Ann Coulter or Sarah Palin in place of Shauna Hunt, I can bet you the amount of outrage towards the men would be a big fat zero. Everyone would instead be laughing it up for days. And you wonder why women continue to feel like they get treated badly.

At least the goons at the Toronto FC game had the balls to show their face in public. I can’t say the same for Leaf fans who like to hide underneath a paper bag. But you want a right to say something for everyone to hear at the expense of others. Congratulations. I hope it was worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Where are the Free Speech Advocates Now?

  1. Mark Little

    Free Speech was served…they were free to be idiots. And I have always advocated free speech. No one arrested them for saying what they did. Where I differ from the rest of the mob is the reality that I also don’t feel one bit sorry for them. Their employers have likely morality clauses in the employment contract. The gent fired from Hydro One for his role in this I have zero sympathy for. He exercised his right of free speech….but that doesn’t mean we have to tolerate it as a society. He wasn’t arrested, he has the right to apply for another job. He may choose to use his right of free speech in a more socially acceptable fashion.

    The reality is, if this was Palin or Ann Coulter,I would be equally offended. The problem is 90% of the populace who are outraged over this wouldn’t. As you said, talk to them….I am offended by how juvenile these idiots were and their rationale for doing so. Their protestations to her as she confronts them with the camera running shows you how stupid they are. They exercised their right of free speech…but that doesn’t mean we have to accept what they say. We can judge them by this. We did too…..but I defend their right to be morons…..and that is what most people miss…we have the right to be idiots in this society still.


    • My shot was directed at those who believe free speech has no consequence. The guys must have thought they wouldn’t be getting the kind of heat they are getting now or why do it in the first place?


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