The Past is Starting to Catch Up to the Patriots


Tom Brady Deflategate

The Tuck Rule, Spygate, and many other dirty tricks. You wouldn’t know how many people set themselves up for failure by the decisions they have made in the past. This is not karma, it is the past catching up with them. And the New England Patriots have used up all of their get-out-of-jail-free cards.

None of their experience of winning championships, producing hall-of-fame calibre players, and the respect that comes with being one of the NFL’s best franchises were able to get the Patriots out of this mess. It all got started on January 12, 2002 in the AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and the Oakland Raiders. That is where the Tuck Rule originated. Mind you, Tom Brady had nothing to do with it. The refs blew the call despite going over video evidence. But that call allowed New England to keep the ball and ended up winning the game on a field goal. They would win the Super Bowl that year. Then came Spygate in 2007 where Patriots were accused of videotaping signals being delivered by the opposing team.

Tom Brady suspended for four games, and the Patriots fined $1 Million and had two draft picks confiscated would be sufficient punishment under any circumstances. I say under any circumstances. What makes this peculiar is the fact that none of the evidence presented ties Brady to the deed. An investigator with the NFL says Brady “probably” committed the act or had someone carry out the act. “Probably” means I’m not quite sure but there is a good chance. That to me is not enough to even give a slap on the wrist. But there is this thing in sports called make-up calls. Penalties that are administered for an infraction that had been missed earlier. I have a feeling the Deflategate was more about missed opportunities than it is getting to the bottom of who deflated the footballs.

There is no question that the Patriots would eventually be caught. But Deflategate was driven more by an agenda than anything else. It is like arresting a drug dealer or a murderer for running a red light in order to get them off the street. But to those who hate the Patriots, the end justifies the means. One thing is for sure, the Patriots have become wounded ducks and nothing they do now can save them from this or future predicaments.

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