Sports is Not a Platform for Activism


Smith Carlos OlympicsThe recent controversy over the Religious Freedom Act in Indiana has crept its way into the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament’s Final Four in Indianapolis. The people who are opposed to this legislation have attempted to use it to overshadow the tournament. They have no business being associated with this event, or any sport for that matter. It is not enough that there are post-secondary institutions everywhere infiltrated by this junk. Now it is being taken into the sporting arena. These groups are, to use a corporate term, looking to expand. Kind of ironic that this is happening on one of the most religious holidays on the calendar, Easter.

Why would these people get involved in this important event in the first place? Audience. Sporting events like the Final Four, Super Bowl, and Olympics attract millions of people to the host city and on television. So you have everyone in the world watching you raise your fist in the air or hold both your hands up high in a salute. All for what? Tommie Smith and John Carlos may as well have held waffles in their hands. Besides, what really is the difference whether you clench your hands into a fist or you have them open? The arm is still raised in the air. You can argue Tim Tebow has made kneeling down, putting his fist on his forehead a political gesture. But I’m guessing you are also comparing Jesus Christ to a Black Panther.

Whether it is racism, domestic violence, or gay rights, I can tell you none of them really care about these causes unless it fulfills their agenda. That being to settle a score at the expense of our sport. But the problem though is while it is a one-sided fight, it’s the ones advocating these so-called injustices that have an unfair advantage. You have Salon and the Huffington Post all trying to put more social matters into the sports discussion and yet people remain outraged. How empty can you get?

As I have said before, racism and homophobia are not restricted to white males. Women and other ethnic groups have also demonstrated these characteristics. Yet, it seems the proponents are keeping mum whenever minorities are involved. Nobody really cares about fixing the problem. All they like to do is make trouble. As the saying goes: what a joke!

It would be easy to say lets ban all political activities in sports including the playing of the national anthem. That to me is playing into the hands of the social justice crowd. I have a better idea. I’m more confident that the millions of people who attend these sporting events will see the political activism for what the really are: a publicity stunt. I would hope these folks can follow the advice of a political activist website and move on.

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