The Point Where Haters Become Worse than Those You Hate



I hated Nickelback well before it became popular with social media trolls and the like. I never cared for their pop-style ballads that passes for rock music. But it is coming to a point where their growing detractors are becoming worse than the band itself. It’s almost like a cult and makes you have second thoughts about your allegiance to these groups. If I had to choose, I would now side with Chad and company. It’s like that old saying: better the devil you know than the one you don’t know.

Which brings me to hatred in sports and in particular the Toronto Maple Leafs. No one will argue they are a bad team and the players treat each game like it is a beer league. There are those who like to kick them when they are down. But you won’t see me joining the choir. I like to think that there are some standards when it comes to criticizing a player or a team. One of them is telling the truth. A quality that seems to be missing in recent weeks.

I don’t mind people voicing their displeasure at other people, places, hockey teams, etc. In fact, hate is a very useful tool in shaping society and our lives in a positive way. It is a starting point to finding a solution to problems, not just on sports teams, but in communities we live in. Don’t be so quick to dismiss the next angry man or woman you meet. He or she might have something that will benefit you in the long run.

But right now, hate is being bastardized to a point where people now do it just for kicks. There’s another word for it, bullying. When you see these goons stoop so low as to bring up a player’s sex life and have it defended as “free speech”, you know there’s something wrong. Just listen to them laugh at the expense of others. They could care less if the Leafs continue to lose. Are these the kind of people you want to be associated with? Someone needs to smack them in the back of the head so hard it will knock the paper bag off with the head still in it.

We continue to see those who are more than willing to champion this behaviour. The media often do a good job escalating it for more than what it’s really worth. For the sake of hate, it is about time we stop taking these people seriously.

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