Getting Dirty About Talking Sports


Typewriter 2One of the “to do” things in 2014 was to start a blog. Mission accomplished. One of the things I have learned was that everyone has an opinion, especially when it comes to sports. I also found out that people will not always agree with your views. I completely understand that. But if you are going to say something, expect something fired back your way in return. Some won’t like this comparison but trash talking is like fighting in hockey, you want to pick on someone, you better drop the gloves.

There was one time this year when a “Leaf fan” compared Phaneuf to a pylon. I replied by saying: at least he has a good-looking wife. Boy, did that get people’s knickers in a knot. Apparently, I implied that the guy’s wife or girlfriend was ugly which was not true. I didn’t insult his wife or his girlfriend but that didn’t matter to them. These people have skin as thin as ice on a lake on an early Spring day.

I don’t know if this kind of arrogance is regional. Ontarians are not shy when it comes to giving a virtual finger to those in Alberta. Yet they don’t have the guts to go over to the Wildrose province and perform the act in front of an actual Alberta resident. Or they take offence to any charge being hurled their way. It is perhaps no surprise that Ontarians, mostly those in Toronto, re-elected the corrupt Liberals in 2014. It is obvious who really runs the city and it’s not the citizens as some claim they represent. No wonder it is a mess.

Yeah, I sometimes say some things that many will find offensive. But I would argue it shows more about them than it is about me. I say things no one wants to mention or they don’t to be made public for fear of repercussions. I don’t expect everyone to immediately get what I say. But they will eventually, one way or another.

A former colleague of mine once said “suck it up, princess” to those who complain too much. That shouldn’t be too difficult to understand. But there are those who will react to that negatively and will go to great lengths to outlaw that kind of criticism. I have eaten a lot of words but I have also served crow to those I have proven wrong. Being able to take these hits is why I have been able to stick around as long as I have. But having said that, I don’t hold grudges. That’s another characteristic “progressive” people tend to have. I say my piece and move on. They, however, make it a part of their bucket list.

I have enjoyed giving my thoughts and analysis on sports in 2014. I hope you did too. You can expect more of it from me in 2015. And I’m looking forward to your reactions. Happy New Year!

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