Political Correctness has No Place in Sport


The talk about having the Washington Redskins be forced to change their team name has me thinking: who is really leading this charge? It is not football fans like you and me. And it is certainly no one who follow sports. This is the result of a fringe group who are “offended” by the name Redskins. It is funny because the name Redskins was originally a tribute to native Americans. Somehow, it is now considered offensive even though many first-nations people, at least the ones I have spoken to, don’t feel the same way.

Political correctness has no place in society but especially in sports. You can’t live in a free society if you are not willing to take on some responsibility. But rather than empower people to do that, there are a select few who feel that it is much better to cut people off at the knees. One example is no can earn a penny more than the next person. Sound familiar? If you follow the NHL, you should. It’s called a salary cap. Perhaps the simplest definition of socialism we have.

This is not the first time for such a movement. Remember when cigarettes were proudly displayed around venues, race cars, and sometimes on uniforms? You no longer see them now. And I can tell you the auto racing industry has not been the same because the ability to generate revenue has been limited. “Doctors” were concerned that the visibility of these ads would get children to take up cigarette smoking. But instead of letting parents tell their children the dangers of smoking, governments around the world decided to ban cigarette advertising and sponsorships everywhere. And how’s that working? Health “experts” would say it has a positive impact but the reality is that it has not stopped kids from smoking. Go around every high school and you will see groups of kids puffing away. And there is not a cigarette ad in sight to influence them. The only ones who are really benefitting from this kind of legislation are the lawyers who sucker “victims” into suing tobacco companies for distributing a legal product.

We keep hearing so many stories like these in the sports pages of newspapers and magazines. Why? Because us fans could care less about the social impact of cigarette smoking or the Redskins name. That makes people who champion social justice mad as hell (like Ray Lewis) and they have a fit and demand that changes be made. No one should take their whining and crying seriously. But there are people who continue to be oblivious of the fact that they are being played as fools. They blindly believe what they read or hear as fact and we are starting to see it creep into the sports world.

As I said before, these people could care less about sports yet they have the ability to set the bar as high as they want to. There will be some who say they are looking out for our best interests. Really? What their actions tell me is that they don’t think we can control our own lives. Nowadays people would prefer to ban the stuff outright because they would rather blame the product, not the consequences of their own actions. It’s the easy way out. I could recommend that everyone call their local medical officer of health before they prepare dinner tonight. You know, just to find out from the “experts” how much fat and calories they are about to eat in that roast beef. I’m sure the “doctors” are more than willing to set aside their dinner plans to tell us what we should eat. Bon appétit.


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