Why You Won’t See Me Piling On Ray Rice


Ray Rice

I guess I could add my voice about how mad I am about the video of former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice beating up his then fiancé earlier this year. But what purpose does it really serve? I don’t do things because everyone else is doing it. People continue to express their anger because they don’t think a suspension is enough and that criminal charges should have been laid. I would agree to both with one exception, the time to do it was right after it happened, not several months later prior to the start of the NFL season.

No one gains anything from a shouting match and this is what it has turned out to be. For some, debates are only won by how loud you can scream and how hot your blood is. That to me sounds like Ray Rice. It is ironic that the very people concerned about domestic violence often exhibit the same characteristics: angry, violent, no respect for human life. Not the peaceful citizens that they claim to be. Terrorist is a more accurate description. They don’t give a damn if Rice beat up a woman, they want an excuse to get mad and they got it. To me, that’s as cheap as the shot Rice delivered. Don’t believe me? You obviously were not paying attention to what was happening in Ferguson, Missouri.

This situation is a peculiar one for many reasons. Rice is black but he is also rich. The latter, in the eyes of the tree-huggers, makes him ineligible to be considered a victim of racial discrimination. The civil rights crowd, like the NAACP, would beg to differ. They too like to been seen as poor, struggling, not well-off, but that takes a backseat to the colour of one’s skin. Having another African-American incarcerated is not a sight they want to see. For women’s groups, like the National Organization for Women, they like to be mad as hell but they also risk being compared to the Ku Klux Klan if they even utter one word against Rice.

Another question I want to raise is how much did TMZ pay to get their hands on that video? The tape apparently was made available to the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell. But I think the hotel believes it was too good to simply just hand it over. In the past, Harvey Levin claimed they never buy videos, only taking voluntary submissions. I’m guessing they broke the rules to get a scoop.

But back to the original point of this article, I believe actions speak louder than words. Had Rice been convicted in a court of law none of this would occur. Going on blogs or Twitter to tell everyone how mad you are is not going to change a thing. You are only kidding yourself if you do. If you ever catch me joining the chorus on anything, you are more than welcome to grab a hockey stick and give me a two-hander to the back of the head (a la Marty McSorely on Donald Brashear). As for Rice, if Michael Vick can play in the NFL again…


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