Life Lessons You Can Learn From Playing Poker


Poker Hand

I’ve always been enamoured by the game of poker. I’m a pretty good player. Maybe not good enough to go deep in the World Series of Poker but among friends and colleagues, I can hold my own.

Money is often the motivating factor for people to take up poker as a profession. But there are other things that you can take from playing the game and apply it to everyday life. There ought to be a university course on poker (call it Poker 101).

Here are just a few that I have encountered:


You may have to wait 5 or 6 turns to get a good hand even if you do have a big blind. People tend to get anxious or even frustrated when waiting in lines or being on hold. Having the mind set that your hand will eventually come will make the wait worthwhile when you do finally get to the front of the line.


Part of your rationale on whether to lay down a bet depends on how many chips you have. Poker makes you assess how much money you have and how much you can afford to lose. This can help you decide whether to go on that trip to Hawaii or buy that Ford Mustang.


So you get a pair of Aces right off the bat. Great! Chances are you will be able to secure that pot. However, we see people often get these kinds of opportunities but never take advantage of it. When I mean by advantage, I mean being able to parlay that into something beneficial. Opportunities don’t just flourish by itself. It takes some effort. Even those who start with a 4 and a 7 end up with a full house because of their ability to utilize with what they have.


You play against hundreds of poker players but there is only one winner. More often than not, you will lose. Learn from your experience and make sure it never happens again.


There will be times when you are put on the spot. People often buckle under pressure, those who can handle it usually come out of it well even if they lose big. Don’t worry about what’s going to happen if you lose. Sometimes, being able to walk away with your head up high is the best move one can make.

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