My Question to Toronto Mayoral Candidates


Toronto Mayoral CandidatesNow that we are into the unofficial start of the municipal election campaign, I want to bring this up with the 4 main candidates for Mayor of Toronto.

Toronto sports fans are often criticized for being too polite, a bunch of bandwagon jumpers. That is what being portrayed in the media. I think sports fans in Toronto are getting a bad rap. I’ve been around the Big Smoke long enough to know the kind of sports fans Torontonians really are. We are passionate and get behind our teams. Yet, we continue to get pushed around by these mindless idiots who would rather hate us than support the team they claim to cheer for.

So my question to the mayoral candidates: If some political figure, whether its municipal, provincial, or federal, comes out swinging against the best sports city in the world, how will you go about defending Toronto’s turf?

I will be awaiting your response.


There has been a shuffling of names on the ballot for Mayor of Toronto.

With the discovery of a tumour in the abdomen, Rob Ford will not be running for the Mayor’s seat. Instead he will run for his old Council seat in Ward 2. His brother Doug Ford has now entered the race for Mayor joining John Tory and Olivia Chow. A week earlier, a healthy David Solnacki announced that he is dropping out of the race. Nominations are now closed.


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