If It’s Panned, It Must be a Good Move



What I have learned about sports media over the years is that they often don’t like the moves a team makes. And more often than not, the moves turns out to be great in the end.

Take the Buds’ decision to bring back Randy Carlyse. Some in Toronto would say it was dumb on the management’s part. I would probably agree unless of course you take in account what kind of hockey they like to see. Then you’d think the Leafs are on to something. Carlyse is the kind of coach Brendan Shanahan likes. He wants players to pull their own weight. Plus, Carlyse is perhaps the only coach who can deal with the Toronto media. I don’t think you can say the same with John Tortorella.

I believe if sports writers panned a move, it is really a good one for the organization. I have witnessed it during the Blue Jays run at back-to-back World Series titles. Pundits criticized the moves made by then GM Pat Gillick whether it was the trade for Rickey Henderson, or the signing of Jack Morris, or keeping Cito Gaston as Manager. I can bet most if not all want to take that back. A few even thought Calgary got the better of the Doug Gilmour trade to the Maple Leafs in 1991. More recently, experts felt the Raptors have given up on the season after the Rudy Gay trade. I like to hear what Masai Ujiri has to say about that.

Don’t buy into the knee-jerk reactions. Instead, save their stories and check back later in the season. Then let’s hear them tell us what they thought about the move.


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