Only Losers Look for Someone to Blame


No Finger Pointing

Seems those in Leafs Nation are more focused on who they want to lay blame to. And who can blame them? Lost 8 in a row going into tomorrow’s game versus Calgary (hi ya doin’ Brian?). My reasons for the losses have been documented. They are not hitting, moving the puck, or taking care of their own end. With the exception of St. Louis, every team the Leafs lost to during the slide was beatable. It is embarrassing to see them lose to soft teams. But I seem to be the only one that wants to see them win rather than hoping they lose in order to continue to find a player to blame. What I keep hearing from those people are excuses.

First we blamed James Reimer, then Dion Phaneuf, later it was David Clarkson, Phil Kessel, and Randy Carlyse. Before the losing is over we’ll end up blaming Carlton the Bear. As we dwell on another season missing the playoffs, we seemed to be accustomed on blaming someone whether is a player, coach, or manager. We always preach our kids that hockey is a team game yet we like to point the finger at certain individuals. Calling them hypocrites is being polite.

What’s more, and here’s what really gets me, the very people who are calling for fighting to be out of hockey, don’t like hitting, and like fancy passes, are the same ones who are criticizing Phaneuf’s play of late. Don’t get me wrong, Phaneuf has been playing soft but for these people to call him soft is like the Toronto Star calling Olivia Chow a left-wing pinko.

There are too many fair-weather fans in Leafs Nation and that has got to change. It’s easy to bail a sinking ship or jump on to a winning bandwagon. It takes someone with strong will to stay with them through thick and thin. I seem to be the only one who fits that bill.


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