Habs Fans Becoming Snobs


Habs Fans

Last week, someone pointed out that the Montreal Canadiens have two gold medal Olympic hockey players on their roster and the Toronto Maple Leafs have none. That person seemed to forget that the Habs had a total of seven Olympians on their team — including two on a talented Russian squad that was favoured to win a medal — compared to three on the Leafs. They also forget that one of their two players on the gold medal-winning Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey team spent most of the tournament in the press box. I like to hear them brag about that.

Are Habs fans becoming snobs? Do they feel because their team has the most Stanley Cup championships of any NHL club that they feel entitled to gloat about their success? I equate this to children of rich parents. None of them did any hard work to achieve the lifestyle they enjoy. They simply ran on the coattails of their moms and dads. I can think of two people in the news that fit this description and the only difference between those two and Habs fans is the latter doesn’t have a sex tape.

I can respect fans in Chicago, LA, and Boston. Their teams were recent Stanley Cup Champions. The Canadiens have not won the Stanley Cup since 1993 when someone named Patrick Roy practically carried the team on his back that season. It is one thing for previous generations to talk about the Canadiens because they were around when the team did win Stanley Cups. Habs fans today simply like to brag about past success. And they laugh at Leafs fans for supposedly doing the same. There is only so much weight that a crutch can hold. It’s going to crack at some point.


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