Welcome to 2014


Winter Classic

What a way to begin 2014 if you’re a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. A big win over the Red Wings at the Big House.

Now one outdoor game doesn’t make a team, or a season, but the Buds displayed some determination that was rarely seen over the last few weeks. And if this team is going to go far in the playoffs, they better make sure to keep that up.

Bernier has been the big cheese in the shootout of late. He has become more brick than swiss. Bozak and Lupul seem to have not lost a step since they came back from their injuries. The return of those two hopefully will get Kadri going. He made some great moves and almost came up with the game’s opening goal. But only time will tell if that was enough to keep him out of Carlyse’s dog house.

Again, the Leafs were outshot and allowed the first goal of the game which proves two things that I have believed all along: the former is overrated and the latter means the winning goalie does not get a shut out.

Next up, back indoors in the comfy confines of the Air Canada Centre Saturday against the Rangers.

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