About Me



My journey began in Scarborough, Ontario (one of 6 pre-amalgamation boroughs of then Metropolitan Toronto). Athletics was my biggest interest when I was a kid. As I got older, my interest in sport shifted from the field to the press box.

My philosophy on sports journalism: it is all about sports and nothing else. I like to talk about big plays and amazing catches but I will also go into heartaches and heartbreaks.

I started this blog because I felt everything you see and hear in the sports media is the same. Plus, many are too focused on social issues and not enough about sports. You will notice that my viewpoint is different from others.

I want to warn you, some of the stuff you will be reading has been considered racist, sexist, homophobic, offensive, and rude. In other words, don’t look for any political correctness on this blog. Players, coaches, managers, journalists, even fans (fake or otherwise) are fair game. But I do draw the line on personal attacks. Those who commit it get no mercy from me.

I am situated in a fantastic area of Ontario called Orillia, a city located 90 minutes north of Toronto. It is not only hockey being played in what is dubbed the Sunshine City. The area has produced athletes in many sports including baseball, football, and basketball.

My day job is a reporter for Sunshine 89 in Orillia where I cover the news and sports scene. In a brief period of time, I have established the radio station as a leader in local sports coverage. I have covered the Ontario Hockey League in four cities since 1999.

Outside of my occupation, I like to play poker, listen to music, and enjoy the occasional cigar.

The opinions here are my own and do not reflect my employer. You can also follow me on Twitter @khash27.




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